The History of Eagle & Phenix

A Brief History of EAGLE & PHENIX 1851 through 2005

Eagle & Phenix has been a part of Columbus since early in our city history. Cotton milling operations began on this site when William H. Young established the Eagle Mills. In 1860 when Mr. Young absorbed the nearby Howard Factory, Eagle Mills became the second largest mill in Georgia. The Eagle Mills produced material for Confederate uniforms and other critical goods during the Civil War at the site of our present Mill #1. Because of slow communication a land battle was still being fought in our area after the peace treaty had been signed by Lee and Grant to end the war. Federal forces over-whelmed the defenders of Columbus, crossed the river and burned the Eagle Mills buildings.

The present Mill #1 was rebuilt in 1869 and renamed the Eagle & Phenix Mills to symbolize rising from the ashes. Mill #2 followed in 1872 and portions of Mill #1 in 1885. The other historic buildings remaining on the site are the Boiler House (circa 1878), the Administration Building (circa 1878) and the Machine Shop (circa 1886).

During this period of expansion, the Eagle & Phenix quadrupled its size becoming the largest mill in the south by 1878. The mill was distinctive because it produced over 100 varieties of cotton and woolen goods. Eagle & Phenix was known for its technological sophistication and the services it provided its workers. One of these services was the Eagle & Phenix Bank.

Unfortunately, this period of rapid expansion was followed by economic hard times brought about by changes in the market. The mill went into receivership and was purchased by G. Gunby Jordan in 1896. One of Mr. Jordan’s investors was W. C. Bradley. G. Gunby Jordan owned the mill from 1896 to 1915 while W. C. Bradley served on the board. From various correspondences, it seems that Mr. Jordan suggested that Mr. Bradley accept the presidency of the mill. W. C. Bradley did accept the presidency and ultimately owned the Eagle & Phenix Mill from 1915 until 1947.

From 1947 until 2003 several different companies including Reeves Brothers, Inc., Fieldcrest and Pillowtex owned the mill property. All of the structures have been modified to some extent during their 150 year history.

In December of 2003 the mill property was repurchased by W. C. Bradley Co. As present owners, W.C. Bradley Co. is restoring the mills to as near their early 1900 condition as practical.

The dam and millrace located to the west of the mill site provided direct waterpower using water wheels and turbines until the early 1900’s. The two power house buildings located out on the dam abutments were constructed as the mills were converted from direct waterpower to electric power.

As you can see the Eagle & Phenix has been a vibrant part of the history of Columbus. With the end of the textile industry in the southern United States, this beautiful property has now been re-developed as a mixed-use residential and commercial community that is once again the pride of Columbus, GA.

Eagle & Phenix Apartments

Catch the excitement of UPTOWN living! Lovingly restored from an historic cotton mill, the Eagle & Phenix, offers unsurpassed living in thriving Uptown Columbus.

Eagle & Phenix Condominiums

This limited offering of historic riverside homes is located on the penthouse floor of the Eagle & Phenix. Imagine living on the river in a home


What type of security does the building have?

The building has an on-site attendant, 24/7 with staff working a station in the lobby as well as performing maintenance and scheduled rounds around the building. Entrances are secured with an electronic access control system, requiring the use of key cards for access. Residents can remotely allow their visitors into the building, while the attendant may also grant access. We also have 40+/- cameras on-site, which are recorded and also available for viewing by attendants from the lobby station.

What Services are covered by condo fees?

The condominium assessment fee covers common expenses, e.g., master insurance policies, maintenance and utilities of common areas, Geothermal heating and cooling system (excluding condominium units), security/attendant, building management, fitness room, greenspace and parking garage. Developer pays for night attendant and flood insurance (for a limited time). A copy of the annual budget is available upon request.

Who controls the board and is there a management company?

The residents control the board. Total Service Group is employed as management company. They can be reached at (706) 653-9630 or by mail, 4747 Armour Road, Columbus, Georgia 31904.

Do you allow pets?

Yes. Owner-occupied condominiums are allowed 2 pets, subject to limitations on type, and subject to Rules and Regulations. Rental-occupied condominiums are not allowed any pets. Pets must be on a leash when in common areas or grounds of the premises. There is an annual fee associated with pets (reimburses for Fido bags, etc).

How is parking handled?

There is an on-site garage and each condominium has a deeded parking space. 2-3 bedroom condos have the opportunity to purchase a 2nd space. On the private drive, there are short term resident drop off spaces, visitor spaces and restaurant/retail spaces. Street parking is offered around the building, and a city parking garage is across the street. All resident vehicles must be registered to park on-site.

Is there a certain age group that lives in the building?

People of all ages and diversity enjoy living in urban environments. We have owners/residents that are single, couples/married, with and without children.

What type of uses are contemplated for the ground floor?

EPIC restaurant, a fine dining facility opened in 2012. Other potential uses include additional restaurants, retail and/or office space.

What common-areas are there for the residents to enjoy?

Residents have a lobby, fitness center and green-space. In addition, we have a license to utilize the hydro-dam greenspace and decks, which offers the most sought-after views of whitewater. Just outside our door is the grand staircase to the 14-mile Riverwalk and Uptown Island.

How are urban condos valued in comparison to single-family homes or condos in other markets?

Urban condo living is very in strong demand across the country as consumers have decided there is tremendous value in a walk-able community where you can live, work, shop, dine, play and worship. This, along with millions of dollars in infrastructure, rehabilitation and development over the last 20 years, has resulted in creative communities that are enticing a diverse crowd of both young and old back to the city center.

Cities like Chattanooga, TN which boasts almost 1,000 condominiums in its downtown area are selling condos from$90,000 to $1.75million. Prices average $265 per square foot (psf). And Greenville, SC, has over 1,300 condominiums in their downtown and average $250 psf. Premier condos in these communities sell for $300-$400 psf. Eagle &Phenix Condominiums condos currently listed range from $218 psf to $286 psf.

Just as importantly, while the real estate market experienced an overall decline in residential housing values, well-located, urban condos have generally improved at a greater pace than the overall market. In addition to the value enhancement an urban environment offers, Eagle & Phenix is also unique in that it is a Historic Rehabilitation located on riverfront property.